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    Ignore specific selections in Line chart

    Benjamin Klein

      Hi Guys,


      I am really struggeling with something in Qlik Sense. (I am kind of new)


      In my app I have 3 filters (Accounting, Year, Banks).


      In one of my visualisations (Line Chart) I want to show the development of the Tier 1 Ratio from 2010 to 2016 for just one bank.

      In the same graph the maxium as well as the Minimum of the Tier 1 Ratio for all Banks should be displayed. And there is my Problem

      I have tried the following:


      Min( aggr(  (sum({$<Finanzdaten={'Kernkapital'}> * 1<[Bank]=> }  Wert) /

        sum({$<Finanzdaten={'RWA Gesamt'}> * 1<[Bank]=>} Wert)),

          Jahr, [Bank]  ))


      Kernkapital = Tier 1 Capital would be the translation.


      I am trying to calculate for each year and each bank the Tier 1 Ratio and then the minimum of all these Tier 1 ratios should be plotted.

      If all of the banks are selected in the filter,this works pretty good. But since I want the formula to work independent of any selection of the bank it does not work as soon as my selection of the Banks changes.


      Is it somehow possible to ignore specific selections in a visualization while not ignoring some other selections?

      I really hope that you can help me with this issue :-)


      Thank you in advance.