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    Executive Dashboard (Qlik Demo) - is there any mistake?

    Lukáš Rázl

      Hello Qlik Community,


      I'm doing some research and study with Executive Dashboard (Qlik Sense Demo App) and it seems to me, that there might by some mistake in one measure. I wanted to do the example of "story-telling" for this app starting with biggest "Amount Overdue by Customers" which seems to be a problem for two customers. I chose "Valley Solutions" and "RFI Corporation" and then the gauge with "Revenue vs Last Year Revenue"appeared to be wrong (second pic. in attachment).


      I checked the "Revenue vs. LY Revenue" expression and it seems to me, that there is some mistake.


      Sum({<[Fiscal Year]={$(=vYTDYear)}, FiscalMonthNum={"<=$(vCurrentMonthNum)"}>}[Sales Price]*[Sales Quantity])


      Sum({<[Fiscal Year]={$(=(vYTDYear)-1)}, FiscalMonthNum={"<=$(vCurrentMonthNum)"}>}[Sales Price]*[Sales Quantity])


      So I tried to delete part of code above and after that the data looked more realistic.


      For Example: "Valley Solutions" has really small revenue in year 2013 which is caused by that they are 66.72k overdue = we should push them to pay our bills (first pic. in attachment).


      Please let me know if my consideration are right or not.


      Thank you.



      Lukas Razl