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    Question about data load editor

    Celia Seward

      I use Qlik Sense Cloud.  I want to "replace" the data when the "Load Data" script is executed.    One of the tables that loads now has less rows that it did on a previous load.  Basically, I want to replace that table with the new table so the unnecessary records go away.


      So, I'm not sure what happens with the Load script.  Does it replace or does it overwrite what is the same and leave what was in the table?

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          Matthew Quinn

          Hi Celia,


          Is it a QVD you are loading from or just directly from a folder/SQL connection?


          Every time you hit 'Load Data' it will clear everything and load again whatever is in the script.


          So for example say you had a table which had 100 records in it and you loaded it. The app would not have the table with 100 records. If you then outside of Qlik, deleted 50 of the records and loaded the data again; the table would be deleted and recreated. (each time you hit load data).


          Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

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              Celia Seward

              Thank you for responding Matthew.   For what does "QVD" stand?   I load the data using a load script.


              You asked if I load from a folder/SQL connection;  I also don't know about this.  This is probably the wrong place to ask about it, but if you can summarize, I'd be intrigued.


              I'm scheduled to take the "Data Modeling for Qlik Sense" class next week.  I'm hoping they'll answer all of my data load questions. 

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                  Matthew Quinn

                  So basically QVD is a copy of the table you load into qlik sense. It is a good idea to use for many reasons: say you have a file that has 10,000 rows, that could take a long time. If it is already loaded into Qlik and stored in a 'Qlik friendly Document'', it'll load quicker. That is the purpose of the QVD.


                  By the SQL part, I meant where is your data stored? Is it in a notepad document, or Microsoft excel sheet? Shouldn't matter tbh so not to worry about that.


                  Ah that's great, should be an excellent class and help to clear things up for yourself.


                  To answer your original question, every time you reload data, your table is deleted completely and recreated. So you don't need to worry about overwriting, or rows still siting there afterwards.


                  If this answer satisfies your original question, please mark it as correct.


                  Best of luck with your class next week, hope it goes well