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    NPrinting Report Conditions

    Jay Fitchett

      Hey folks,

      I have a question about conditions and how they work. What I want to happen:

      In a publish task, I have one report and several users that have filters applied to them (there are no filters applied to the report or task). I only want to send the report to those users who meet a condition based on a variable being greater than a constant. I want to compare the value of the variable after its been filtered for each user.


      It seems to me that when I attach a condition to a report, the condition is evaluated before filtering for each user occurs (the whole dataset). Is there any built in functionality that achieves what I want? I feel like it's not a crazy edge case and that I'm just missing something.


      Thanks! I'm using Sense and NPrinting 17.3

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          Neelam Sehrawat

          In NPrinting 16, you have an option to add condition.Capture.PNG

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            Jay Fitchett

            I've made no progress after a bit more digging/testing. Anyone have any tips?

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              Lech Miszkiewicz



              Maybe i am drifting away from topic but I think there can be a workaround to what you are trying to achieve.

              1 I would try to apply Calculation condition on all your qlikview objects (the condition would be variable being greater than a constant)

              This way you will not have any charts calculated and i think then NPrinting report will not be sent.


              What version of NPriniting are we talking about? 16 or 17.


              2. If it is version 16 then i would suggest trying to apply recipient viariable filter where your recipient variable would calculate for each user 1 or 0 and using <verify> tag on filter would let (or would not let) the report to distribute to user.


              Unfortunately i do not have NPrinting 16 to test it. Second option may not be right as i just try to imagine it from memory


              3. third option would be to calculate flags in script for each user and use values 1/0 on each recipient as a filter! This may be more complicated as i belive there would have to be some aggregates calculated in first place - but still possible.


              hope this helps:




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