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    LDAP addtional filters

    Gavin Kite

      Would anyone be able to help me with an Additional LDAP filter in Qlik Sense?


      I've created the query below


      (&(objectCategory=user)(memberOf=CN=Qlik,OU= Vitacress - GROUP,OU= Group IT,OU= Groups,DC=vitacress,DC=co,DC=uk))


      but when I run the AD sync job, the user list doesn't reflect the users that should be in the group and as far as I can tell is still the full list of AD users. What am I doing wrong?


      The image below shows the directory structure where I believe I have to navigate to the group folder


      I've also read that I need to ensure that the Admin User ID that I am using needs to be included in a the group to prevent being locked out or else the query wont update the user list. This is also set up. What am I doing wrong?