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    Data Structure Using OMIT in Qlikview

    Charles Esquibel



      I have a table structure in which each function has a uniqueid connecting it to a transition table which ultimately connects to the main data table:


      new structure.png

      I'm hoping to keep the data intact (reduction is not an option) but reduce the visibility of each function to their own data. I want them to be able to see the whole (unclassified) as well as their own.


      Let's say I want a user to only have visibility to function F.1 (omit A.1, F.2-F.15).  This should leave just F.1 and F.Key in the FunctionKeys transition table.  However, when I apply OMIT in the section access to do just that, each omitted function is still viewable.  Am I missing something or is this a limitation of Qlikview?  I do have strict exclusion checked.


      Here's the hidden script portion:

      hidden script.PNG


      Thank you!


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          Marcus Sommer

          It seems to be a quite unusual approach of using section access and I'm not sure that I fully understand what do you want to reach and which functions are exactly visible? Are they furthermore visible within the table FunctionKeys or do exists many loosen tables with those functions within the datamodel?


          I think I would rather merge all functions within one table by transforming their crosstable-like structures into a normal table-structure. I assume that you have had already such structure and it intentionally build it in this way but like already mentioned I don't really understand the idea behind it.


          Beside this make sure that you by testing the section access always closed qlikview after a change, reload and saving the application. Per default qlikview rememberred the last login-credentials until the session is killed - you could change this behaviour also within the user-properties within the tab general.


          - Marcus

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              Charles Esquibel

              Thanks for the reply.  I did originally have the functions all together in one field but split them with the intention of using section access to prevent individual functions from seeing other's data.  I was hoping that by omitting linked fields unique to their functions, it would only show the remaning non-omitted functions.


              The intent is to modify one field based on the active user- to show data labels specific to that user's function.  Since my users cannot refresh the script, I thought to try to use section access to reduce visibility without loss of overall data (hence no reduction).


              For example, if I omitted all but F.13 and F.Key- it would leave table FunctionKeys with just F.Key & F13 and the table associated with F.13 (PV) still available while effectively delinking the labels from the other functions... All the records would still appear in my main data table, FinalTable, however, only the records associated with F13 would have a labelled function.


              I believe I found why my data model was not reducing the data-  Linked fields cannot be used in the OMIT field.  I'll either need to reduce non linked fields or just lock filters and limit objects to specific users unless you have an alternative approach.




              Thank you!