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    Custom component changes not loading.

    Steven Taschereau



      I'm starting to explore creating Custom Components in Qlik Sense 3.1 and one issue is hampering my progress; getting modifications to my custom component files to show up in Dev Hub and Desktop Apps.


      I created some simple ccs-foo.js and ccs-foo.qext files under the \Qlik\Sense\Extensions\css-foo.

      I created a widget MyFoo in Dev-hub that contains simple HTML: <ccs-foo></ccs-foo>

      I create an app (MyApp) in QlikSense desktop that contains an instance of the MyFoo widget.


      Life is good, everything works as expected; I see what I expect to see.


      Then I made the slightest change to ccs-foo.js, saved it, shut down the desktop and restarted it. When I opened MyApp, I expected to see the changes I made, but instead I see behavior/output from the previous version of ccs-foo.js.  Every now and then I'll make a change that does show up.. but then subsequent changes do not. I cannot determine the exact sequence of actions I need to do in order to insure my changes always get imported/compiled.

      Any clues would be appreciated.