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    Operations Monitor problem

    Arnoldo Le Roy

      Hi, we have two clients with Qlik Sense Server recently updated. In both cases the problem are the same, the Operations Monitor doesn't reload appropriately. The problem is showed in the picture. Does somebody can help us please? Thank you!!!FalloQlikSenseDanissa.JPG

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          Vincenzo Esposito

          Quite often the problem comes from a miss configuration with the Qlik Repository Service (QRS) using the REST connector. If so, try to follow these steps:

          1) Login in the qmc with  rootAdmin grants

          2) Got to the Data Connections TAB (third from the top on the left side panel)

          3) Find out and modify these connections (qrs_app, qrs_appobject, qrs_event, qrs_licenseSummary, qrs_loginAccess, qrs_task, qrs_user, qrs_userAccess). For each of those change the owner to your user

          4) Login in the hub, go to the Data Load Editor, now you can see the previous Data Connections in all you apps (in your working area) even from a new app

          5)  For each one click on the pencil icon  and flag "Skip server certificate verification" notice, the data connection name change appending your user to the data connection original name

          6) Make a Connection TEST, now the connection test should work

          7) Come back to qmc, for each data connection rename  it (removing the user name appended) and replace the original owner (INTERNAL\sa_repository)


          Now the task should works.

          If this solve your problem don't forget to set the answer right, so others can benefit from this solution