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    Default Aggregation not working

    Rahul Doshi



      I have two tables in Qliksense. 1st table shows the data at material, plant and fiscal period level. I am calculating a positive bias and negative bias value based on two column which are in the table.


      Positive bias is calculated as if Forecast error is greater than 0, then positive bias will be 1 else 0.


      refer the screen shot of the table 1 below.


      My forecast error is calculated as Sum([Final Consensus Plan Units])-Sum(ACTUAL_ORDERS_AT_CRD_UNITS).

      Table 1.png


      Now in table 2, i need the data to be aggregated by Material and Plant.


      For this i want my positive bias and negative bias also to be aggregated and show values as 1 and 5. But its showing the value 0 and 1 respectively.


      Table 2.png

      I am new to Qliksense and would like to understand how we can achieve this.


      Thanks in advance for your help



      Rahul Doshi