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    How Qlik Identifies Latitude and Longitude?

    vivek pv

      Hi Experts,

      I just have couple of questions


      1.how Qlik Identifies Latitude and Longitude?


      2. What is the difference between KML and Excel which holds Latitude and Longitude?

      As per my knowledge KML also holds Latitude and Longitude.

      Can anyone clarify on the above two questions plz.

      Thanks in Avance.


        • Re: How Qlik Identifies Latitude and Longitude?
          omar bensalem

          If you have latitude and longitude columns in your table, and use the data load editor to load your data; make sure to PREPARE YOUR DATA before loading.


          What Qlik will do, is creating geoPoints of these lat and lon to use in points maps.


          In previous versions, we had to create these GeoPoints statically,  by the GeoMakePoint(Lat,Lon) function.


          With the new versions, this is not mandatory anymore, you only have to PREPARE YOUR DATA and Qlik will do the work for us.


          Another thing, we do not need to have a KML or a LAT, LON combination anymore, since Qlik can now create GeoFields with only the name/code of regions, countries , departments and so on..


          In previous versions, we used KML not for its LAT,LON informations, but in order to CREATE POLYGONNES not Point Maps.

          Since to create polygonnes, we needed more than Lat,Lon, the information in the KML files was mandatory.


          But as I already told, no need to worry about this anymore, QLIK will do the job for you.


          Hope this helps