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    Line Chart - Contious Dimensions & data dissapearing

    Jonah Van Quekelberghe



      I have following chart with a continuous scale and a Drill Down where I go from product grouping to product detail.


      Chart 1 & 3 have exactly the same totals in the graph, only difference is that chart 3 gives detail on product level.

      The only thing I changed between Chart 3 & 2, is using the Continious Scale setting, but apparantly this deletes certain data.


      Anyone who can help me with this problem?

      When I look at the data in a table, I don't have the problem.


      Chart 1 - Product Group Chart (correct data for one Product Group)

      Example 1.png


      Chart 2 - Product Detail Chart - continuous (data is not correct for Product Details)

      Example 2.png

      Chart 3 - Product Detail Chart - non continuous (data is correct for Product Details)

      Example 3.png