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    Qlik Sense: Set analysis syntax issue between dev and prod servers

    Cheri Fager


      I am new to Qlik Sense and created a new app in our Dev/Sandbox area… and then published it to our Production server, everything seemed fine.  The next day, a couple of the app's graphs were not displaying properly in production.  As far as I could tell, the data looked fine… it was just the graphs.   But... strange this is the app's graphs in the Dev/Sandbox area was still ok.  I even deleted the current version of the app in my work area on the dev server and requested a new copy of the Published version be placed in my work area… and the app on the Dev server still looks fine.


      In the app, I have a set analysis expressions for both the sort order and for the Max Y-axis values of a graph in one of my apps


      Sort order based on Ship to Party Name, sorted by the expression (RollingPeriod is a calculated dimension)


      • sum({$<RollingPeriod  = {"Previous 12 Months"}>} [Value] )


      Max Y-axis values based on the expression (did this because we had a few Ship-To Party's that the Sum(Value) was so large, it was making the majority of the Ship-to Party sum(value) not show up on the graphs)


      • Median(aggr(sum({$<RollingPeriod  = {"Previous 12 Months"}>} Value),[Ship-to Party])) +
        (Stdev(aggr(sum({$<RollingPeriod  = {"Previous 12 Months"}>} Value),[Ship-to Party])))*5


      Again, the Development server just has a copy of the app that is on the Production server... so those are the expression both in the Production and Dev apps currently… and again, works in Dev, but not in Prod 


      Now, this is the part that is strange…. When in the Prod version, if I make a duplicate of the graphs sheet to play with and I change the syntax to have the $ sign outside the brackets (not the correct Qlik Syntax… and have no clue why I even decided to try this!! ))… it works!!! (graphs then look just like they do in dev)


      • sum(${<RollingPeriod  = {"Previous 12 Months"}>} [Value] )


      • Median(aggr(sum(${<RollingPeriod  = {"Previous 12 Months"}>} Value),[Ship-to Party])) +
        ${<RollingPeriod  = {"Previous 12 Months"}>} Value),[Ship-to Party])))*5



      Any idea what would change the syntax to read incorrectly from dev to prod? Or anything anyone can see I am doing wrong?




      Thank you in advance for any help!