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    Select values only among the possible ones

    luis martin-roldan

      This should be an easy one:


      Within the field named "VALUE" there will be done some selections, normally range selections (like ">0" or ">-100000<200000"), so in order to make it more appealing to the user I designed the following structure:


          i. A couple of input text boxes (qsVariable) so that input can be provided and collected as lower and upper bounds of a range

          ii. A button (SheetNavigation & Actions) to apply the range selection provided


      The issue here is that this selection is not the first one, values in other fields will have been selected at this point, and this selection is not performed on the set of non-excluded values (selected, alternative or possible values are all good) but on the whole set, which can ruin previous selections when selecting excluded values.


      I would like it if the selection could be made only on non-excluded values.

      Do you have any tips? I am at a loss here


      PS: is this even doable??