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    Unbound date for a sheet when charts reference different date fields?

    Casey McDonald

      Hello! I've been assigned to create filters for our sheets for our Fiscal Year (July-June). We already have a table (SD_DATES) with every date within our date range, as well as fields breaking out the date and assigning it to the correct fiscal year.


      I have two additional tables that contain the data we are using (SD_WR) and (SD_WR_OTHER). However, both have their own date fields:


      SD_WR has two date fields representing the date a work order was started (DATE_REQUESTED) and the date a work order was completed (DATE_COMPLETED).


      SD_WR_OTHER has one date field representative of materials purchased on a specific date (DATE_USED).


      All are formatted the same was (mm/dd/yyyy).


      My supervisor is wondering if the (SD_Dates) can be an unbound filter (like in Access), which can allow for filtering of all the data on a sheet to the selected year. month, etc., regardless of whether that chart is referencing a specific date field (DATE_REQUESTED, DATE_COMPLETED, or DATE_USED).


      Eventually we will be adding tables with more date fields, and tables with more than one date field, and he isn't interesting in creating dates tables to associate to every single date field.


      Is something like this possible via a script or an expression? If further explanation is needed, I can try explaining better. Thanks for any help!