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    Set Analysis

    HariKiran Dunnala



      I am trying write on expression in set analysis.


      =Sum({$<Distinct [ASDP Name] =>}[CSNUM])



      basically i need For Distinct ASDP Name what is the sum of Numerator.


      Can some one help me here.


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          Felip Drechsler

          If I understand your problem correctly, you don't even need set analisys for that.

          Just a simple table, with your data would suffice.


          What your doing on your set analysis is removing the selection of the [ASDP Name] dimension.

          Example from Qlik Help


          Set modifiers ‒ QlikView


          sum( {$<Region = >} Sales )Returns the sales for the current selection, but with the selection in 'Region' removed

          See the attached file for example.


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            Steve Dark



            If you create a chart, of type Straight Table, with ASDP Name this will inherently give you a distinct list of values in that field.  The expression does not need a DISTINCT statement or Set Analysis, simply:



            I don't think that DISTINCT can be used with Sum (it only makes sense with Count), also where it is used it should be outside of the Set, i.e. before or after the {}.


            Hope that helps.