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    Count distinct Stores Openend per Day - Regardless of Time Dimension

    Luis Carmona Martínez



      I have a dataset of sales from different Stores and those related to the customers ID, product Id and so on... and I need to be able to SUM the number shops that have made any sales per day. 


      I have 100 Stores (Maximum)


      If I use the function COUNT (Distinct "Store Name) the result will depend on the dimension, so:


      For this Example supose that The month only have "3 Days"


      Day    Month  Count (Disntinct "Store Names")


      1          1         100

      2          1         95

      3          1         80


      If I take out Dimension Day from the above table, then  Count (Distinct "Store Names") will take account the month as a whole and the result will be 100.


      Month  Count (Disntinct "Store Names")

      1         100

      1         95

      1         80


      Expected Result:


      - I need to get the sume of Number Stores Open Every Day:  100 +95 +80    Regardless of the dimension I use, I need this function to be limitd to count per day dimension.


      Any help???