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    How to store CSV file from Qlikview server to Informatica Server location?

    Chandra Mouli Javvadi

      Hi All,


      I facing challenge in my current task. Below is the requirement.

      From Dev Qlikview server i am loading the QVD's and making one final table which again i am saving in csv file.

      As of now i am saving this file in my local dev server only and same i am loading it in Data base particular table.

      Now here i need to automate it..Because it is going to Production.

      Instead of loading csv extract manually in DB. We are trying to automate the process.

      So first we have created one table with the help of Informatica. So when my CSV extract is in informatica server path then it will load automatically.



      How i have to save this csv file in informatica server path?


      Some says with the help of FTP but i am not aware of the process. And i know how to load the data using FTP same i have attached the screenshot.


      Please suggest something which workout for me.