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    I have issue with ['lib://vFOLDER\JEREMY\Sales_Order.csv']

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I have below script from QVW file working fine  :-




           [Opportunity Name],

           [Customer No],

           Date(Date#([Due Date],'DD-MM-YYYY'),'YYYY-MM-DD') as DATE,

           Date(Date#([Due Date],'DD-MM-YYYY'),'YYYY-MMM') as YEARMONTH,

           Date(Date#([Due Date],'DD-MM-YYYY'),'YYYY') as YEAR,

           Date(Date#([Due Date],'DD-MM-YYYY'),'MMM') as MONTH,






      [C:\Users\Paul Yeo\Dropbox\0_Q_Development\JEREMY\Sales_Order.csv]

      (txt, utf8, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



      My question is how can i convert this file to QVF.



      I have try to copy and paste the above script to Qlik Sense. I get the below error :-



      The following error occurred:

      This statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode



      So i have create a Lib folder name = vFOLDER for below directory :-



      C:\Users\Paul Yeo\Dropbox\Jeremy



      Now my question is how should i modify the below script :-

      [C:\Users\Paul Yeo\Dropbox\0_Q_Development\JEREMY\Sales_Order.csv]



      I have try :-






      I still get error.



      May i know where i go wrong ?



      Paul Yeo

        • Re: I have issue with ['lib://vFOLDER\JEREMY\Sales_Order.csv']
          Matthew Quinn

          Hi Paul, it is most likely because you have not set up a connection within Qlik Sense, so the application does not know what file location you are talking about.


          While in the data load editor you will have to create a new connection to the specific folder and then load it in from there.


          Also an Easier way to show the YEAR from a date is to use the Year() function

               i.e. Year([Due Date]) as YEAR


          Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.