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    Governance dashboard and QlikView 12.1

    Ali Azizi

      Hi everyone


      We have just upgraded our setup with QlikView 12.1 SR6. We have an issue when running the Governance dashboard 2.0.2 (GD) that prior to the upgrade functioned fine.


      Without changing any configuration item inside or outside of the GD application it claims that:


      "File directory does not exist, cannot be reached, or is empty...

      if you are referencing a UNC share, you must point to a subfolder within the UNC root and not directly to the root folder. "


      The directory mentioned here is:



      \\<Server name>\AppData$\K12086\Development


      It is the path that earlier was configured in the application and still is unchanged!


      Besides we see the other errors in the scripts, e.g.:


      =num(Sum({$<EventsDateNum={"$(=Num(Today(1)-1))"},EventsTimestamp=,EventsDate=, Severity=,Message=,EventID=>}[Server Error Count]),'#,##0')


      that in the "server error today" object is marked as an error:


      Do you have any idea about this issue?


      Thank you in advance