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    Qlik Sense: Why does this field need to be in the load script to function as expected?

    William Christensen

      I have a bar chart where I am trying to visualize delays by minute group of X minutes given exact minute delays. Initially I decided to use the following formula Class(DelayMin, 10). I placed this formula in an application variable so I could tweak the X value (currently 10 minute grouping) with out reloading the data until I got the desired representation. I tried dozens of iterations and I always got 0 counts returned from my set analysis. However, if I took the same formula and plugged it into my load script everything works like a charm. I suspect this has to do with the order of operations where the class function must fire first to be used but I am not sure how to force the desired action inside the set analysis. This type of issue happens to me regularly and I usually try for a few hours and resort to putting my variables in the load script but I really don’t like the idea of doing something because that is the only way I know how… I have attached a image that shows the example in more detail.