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    Query field date in sql vs. Qv


      Good! How are you? In qv I have to load a table from a database, and filter by a specific date. The problem is that I do not understand how qv correctly interprets a date filter when it comes to a database.

      Attached image with code.

      Ima.jpgOn the web I did not find the solution. It throws me conversion error when I run it.

      Thank you! regards

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          Marcus Sommer

          The correct syntax depends on how the field is stored in the database and how cast() could transform it and the variable-values whereby the easiest approach is to keep it simple and to try to use the same formats. Quite often a date is stored as a number like 42874 for today - then you could use: let var = num(date#('03222015', 'MMDDYYYY')); to set the variable and you would be able to make a very simple where-clause, like: where FIELD_DATE >= $(var).


          Another way to simplify such where-conditions could be to apply them on a preceeding load, like:


          load * where FIELD_DATE >= $(var);

          select * from ...


          on which you could use qlikview-functions to determine your conditions. Of course this is only practically if the sql-load respectively their run-time is relative small because the whole sql-table will be queried on this way.


          - Marcus