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    Data sorting in funnel extension (qliksense)

    Akpofure Enughwure

      Hello guys... I'm using a funnel extension for data visualization


      I'm trying to sort the visual from the least value ( the apex) to  the the highest value ( the base)



      here are my lines of script:


      dimension: =ValueList('UA','UC','RTA', 'CD','DO', 'FAT','FI', 'LTI', 'MTC', 'NM', 'OS' )




      Pick(Match(ValueList('UA','UC','RTA', 'CD','DO', 'FAT','FI', 'LTI', 'MTC', 'NM', 'OS' ),'UA','UC','RTA', 'CD','DO', 'FAT','FI', 'LTI', 'MTC', 'NM', 'OS'),Sum({<Key={'UA'}>}Value),Sum({<Key={'UC'}>}Value),Sum({<Key={'RTA'}>}Value),Sum({<Key={'CD'}>}Value),Sum({<Key={'DO'}>}Value),Sum({<Key={'FAT'}>}Value), Sum({<Key={'FI'}>}Value),Sum({<Key={'LTI'}>}Value), Sum({<Key={'MTC'}>}Value), Sum({<Key={'NM'}>}Value), Sum({<Key={'OS'}>}Value))



      I tried sorting by expression: no change