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    Use of "where" in load script

    Filiberto Cacciari

      Hello guys,


      my final target is to exclude from the load values.


      The field is a text field, it's the "Filename" of QVD but is composed like YearMonth.


      Then I tried to use a variable to exclude always the "Filename" before the last 3 YearMonth.


      This is my script but using where at the end of my load seems tha doesn't work.


      Here is my script and my qvw.




      let vLast3PrevM = date(Floor(MonthEnd(AddMonths(Today(),-3))),'YYYYMM');


      LOAD * INLINE [








      where date(Floor(MonthEnd(AddMonths(Makedate(Mid(Filename,1,4),Mid(Filename,5,2),Mid(Filename,7,2)),0))),'YYYYMM') > $(vLast3PrevM);




      Thanks for your help.


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