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    NPrinting 16 emails stopped reaching inboxes, but no error messages

    Steve Lord

      Hi, back on May 1st I ran ten nprinting jobs.  All ran without errors and all had an email to send to requestors and all had successfully sent emails on previous iterations.  On May 1st, the first five emails came through but the last five did not.  No emails have come through since and our support department has confirmed they are not being quarantined or anything.  (In the past the issue was related to a security change that caused the emails to get intercepted and someone had to put them back on a white list.)  The environment is a dedicated windows/nprinting server environment without outlook or office etctera on it.  I think it might need someone to right-click restart the smtpsvc service, but I'd expect a stopped service to throw an error message, so it might be an issue on another point between this server and the company's main email firewall something.


      Any idea where I should look for what allows all the jobs to run without errors, let the first five emails through on a given day, and no emails for a couple of weeks since then?  Any help is welcome, thanks!


      Note: I'm not the server admin technically, but the guy who configured all the nprinting server/email stuff left a few months ago and new admin is learning his way around various servers now.

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          Steve Lord

          Hi All, this turned out to be an internal corporate email security issue.  Somehow our QV server's ip address was blacklisted as malicious by one of the many 3rd party security sites our internal security stuff references.  They basically wrote an exception rule to let emails from the ip address come through only if the sender was the nprinting account and some other nuances I don't know.  Then had our network admin do some fancy things I don't know to the ip address to keep it from being spoofed by anyone else again.


          I forget the name of the external security lists our internal people were referencing, but the first five of them didn't think to look in that direction and just assumed it was some random issue/screwup on my part.  If your company's internal security checks against external websites like that, you might suggest they look over there and see if your server's ip is on one of the threat lists.   In our case it looked to me like some nefarious person in Germany had spoofed the ip or something and gotten it blacklisted by one of the security sites which led to our internal security blocking everything from our own ip until we tightened it up.