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    Data File Name automatically added to Field Names

    Marcie Berson

      I created an app in Qlik Sense Cloud Plus to analyze our sales data. The data is contained in Excel worksheets and there is 1 worksheet for each week. Each worksheet has the exact same field names (because it is the same report, run weekly). When I added multiple data files to my app in Qlik Sense Cloud, the system added the file name before each field name (for example the field "order id" is now "January 01 2017.order-id"). Now when I try to add fields to the visualizations each individual data set has its own unique set of field names, which forces the app to only look at the data from the data set that matches the field name (e.g. would only look at the January 01 2017 data set for the field "January 01 2017.order-id"). Is there a way to easily fix this problem so that I can analyze all of the data together by showing the app that all of these data sets have exactly the same fields?

      Please note that I am not a programmer and don't know anything about scripting. I am hoping for simple step-by-step instructions. If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you for your help.