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    Follow-up question about line charts and the scroll bar

    dustin carroll



      I asked a prior question (Re: When I create a line chart, a second mini version of the line chart appears below my chart. What is the purpose of this and how can I get rid of it? for reference) and thought I understood the answer, but now I am still confused.


      I am using QlikSense desktop. My question is still about line charts and why they appear with a second mini version of the chart below the primary chart.

      I would like the line charts to only have the top chart, and the mini chart below the top chart seems to serve to purpose other than distraction.


      I was told it is a scroll bar, but it appears even if all of my data is already on display. Additionally, if, say you zoom in on 2012 only the mini chart below the top one also zooms in on the exact same months.


      So all I can really tell is that the lower chart is just a compressed view of the top chart which I cannot for the life of me understand it's purpose.


      Any help here? Can I turn these off entirely through a setting?


      all data.png


      2012 only.png