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    Rolling 12M, 18M as Variables for Dashboards

    Sujit Gouda


      I am fairly new to QlikSense, well just 5 days in.


      I was able to create a Master Calendar with the following entries, and created the below variable inside of qlik sense for toggling between various Time Dimension. However I am failing miserably to build Rolling 12M and Rolling 18M.





      LOAD Distinct

      "Transaction Date",

      Floor([Transaction Date]) AS DateNum,

      "Transaction Date" as Date,

      Month([Transaction Date]) as Month,

      Year([Transaction Date]) & 'Q' & Ceil(Num(Month([Transaction Date]))/3) as Quarter,

      Year([Transaction Date]) as Year,

      Year(addyears([Transaction Date],-1)) as Prior_Year,

      Week([Transaction Date]) as Week



      RESIDENT Transaction;


      Variable - vToDate with values "Year", "Month", "Week", "Date"

      and Corresponding calculation


      Sum({<Year=, Month=, Quarter=, Week=, Date=, DateNum={">=$(=Num($(=vToDate& 'Start(Max(DateNum))')))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"}>} [USD Inflows])


      How would I expand the use case to toggle btwn various other time dim.


      Please help.