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    Sum of Sales of Vendors Contributing to 80% of Sales

    Phalgun Parvathaneni

      Hello, I have the following data:


      Vendor       Sales    Type

      A              1300        C

      B              2200        N

      A              1400        N

      B              2100        N

      C              2500        C

      A              300          N

      C              900          C

      D              3200        N

      B              2000        C

      D              1500        C

      E              1100        N

      F              3500        C

      E              1500        C

      G              1400        N

      H              600          C

      H              900          N

      G             1200         C

      Now, I'd like to Sum up the Sales value of the Vendors of type 'C' contributing to Top 80% of the sales. Can you please help me with the expression for the measure? stalwar1 loveisfail I have tried something like this:

      Sum({<Type={'C'} Aggr(

          Rangesum(Above(Sum(Sales)/Sum(total Sales),1,RowNo()))<=0.8



      But it doesn't seem to be right and doesn't work. Thanks in advance!