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    QLIK Sense/Script/Line Graph/ETL/Cross Table

    Neale Forth

      Hi Qlik Community.

      I am trying to create  "Project Resource Planner" graph for a 3 year horizon. Basically I need to show the man hours required to run each of these projects over the 3 year period - and an overall view of the man hours required on a quarterly basis. This enables us to see min - max thesholds for manpower requirements through out the 3 years.

      I have actually created this as a Line ( area) graph and it works really well. However getting the data into a loadable format for Qlik seems to be the difficult part as I want to do this using Qlik script as much as possible - not excel.

      In short I want use a excel table with only ,



      start dates,

      end dates

      man hours required/per project/month,

      and then generate the rest of the data required, using script code.

      My plan is,

      based on how I did this in excel :

      after loading table ( with excel) basic info. I would use script, to (1) generate a 3 year view of manpower required in a table,  (2) use cross
      table to turn that table into the data format that Qlik can the use for the area graph.

      Before I try to tackle this, my question is - is this approach right or does anyone know a better way of doing this?

      Hope so as it's seems quite complex.

      Many thanks,