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    No data loaded from SQL Server Stored Procedure

    Francesco Pennisi

      Good morning everyone,

      I am new to Qlik and I am in a learning phase.


      I connected Qlik Sense to a SQL Server 2014 instance and I was able to populate two Tables in the Data Manager with data from views in the DB.

      Then I created, trough a script, a table that should get data from a stored procedure.


      This is the script I'm using:


      When I load the data, the SP called seemed to work, since it founds exactly the rows I expect:



      Despite of this, the table in the Data Manager is empty after any "Load data":


      The other tables, which retrieve data from DB Views, are correctly populated with data.


      Could someone please provide me with help in understanding what is wrong in what I am doing?

      Thank you


      PS: I tried using a connection string created with the OLE DB Connector and with another one created with the ODBC Connector, the result is the same.