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    Alternate dimension in Pivot

    Arunkumar Mohan



      In charts we can have alternate dimensions and change the dimension with a dropdown.

      How to achieve the same in QlikSense?


      A few suggest to use qsVariable.

      If it the only way please share the steps.




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          omar bensalem

          What I would suggest, let's assume you have 3 dimensions you want to work with, and depends on the selection; you'll have the dimension shown in your pivot table.

          In that case do as follow:


          1) in the script, add an inline table:

          load * inline [

          DimID, Dim

          1, dim1

          2, dim2

          3, dim3



          2) Now, add the new Dim field as a List Selection in your sheet

          3) In your pivot table, as dimension (line or column , depends in what you want):

          Pick(DimID, yourDimension1,yourDimension2,yourDimension3)


          Per analogy :

          my dimension :

          =Pick(DimID, [Type Article Judy],[Client Judy],[Article Judy])


          result (name dim1 dim2 and dim3 like your real dimensions to make it clear)