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    Questions on updating of Map Tiles

    nicholas ling



      We are using GeoAnalytics on-premise deployment in the intranet environment.


      I have an understanding of Map Tiles as basemaps which are stored as tile layers.


      (1) Do GeoAnalytics have a concept of Map Tiles?


      (2) If yes, how often are the Map Tiles updated?


      (3) Can updates of the Map Tiles be downloaded by us the vendors, and we manually patch the Map Tiles at our intranet hosting site?Does Qlik has a utility or tool to patch the map tiles, or just overwrite the map tiles?


      Thanks for replying

        • Re: Questions on updating of Map Tiles
          Patric Nordström

          Hi Nicholas,


          1) Yes, but the map data is not stored as plain images, it's stored as compressed vector data.

          2) We offer updates to the map distribution approx two times a year.

          3) Yes, vendors can download and install new map distributions. No, single map tiles can't be patched, there is no tool for that.



          Patric Nordström