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    Not able to Execute Where Exists ([Customer Number]) in Test Data??

    jayant yadav

      Hi All,

      I was following through the free tutorial provided on the QLIKVIEW Website:

      Build your First Qlikview Document_Extract, Transform and Load.


      Extract, Transform, and Load

      The Dataset contains data from 5 Files that are, salesdata, Customers, CustomerAddress, Region and Division.

      In the later part of t eh video, the instructor has provided the steps to include only those Customer Number from the Customer dataset that are already present in the other dataset.


      For this purpose where exists query was used in the script mode.

      Please find below the screenshot from the video:

      Query used in the Video: Where Exists ([Customer Number]);

      Image 1.png


      However when I tried the same, I faced the issue that View in the Table Viewer changed and I was not able to link Customer number Attribute to Customer and Customer Type attribute.


      Please find below the Screenshot of before this condition was put in the query:

      Image 2.png


      Screenshot after this condition was put in the query:

      Image 3.png


      Can someone help me in understanding that why I am not able to link the Customer number with Customer and Customer Type after the where exists query was used for Customers Dataset.


      I followed the instructions in the Video (link provided above) and it is working Fine in the Video