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    Synchronization in Qlik Sense multi-node setup

    Thibaut Schueller



      We have two multi-node setups, each has a central node and a Reload node (Scheduler + Engine) and the default sync rule to sync all apps to the Rim is enabled. The first one is working but the second one doesn't synchronize the apps.


      I would like to understand how the synchronization is working. I know that during the initialization of the scheduler node, there is a general synchronization of the repository.


      When are the apps synchronized and how frequently are they synchronized ?


      After validate the sync rule, will the synchronization start immediately ?

      If not, is it possible to force the start of a synchronization ?


      My last question is how does the synchronization work in details ? And especially for these ports : 5050, 5151, 4241,4242.




      Thibaut SCHUELLER