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    Creating a master calendar from a table and using Fiscal Year

    Casey McDonald

      So I already gave a dates table titled "OPS_DATES" that I was provided. It begins on 7/1/2006 (as July is the beginning of our fiscal year)  and lists every single date between then and now, and has pertinent fields such as:


      "DATE" = 7/1/2006

      "DATEMONTH" = 7

      "DATEYEAR" = 2006


      "DATEYEARFISCAL" = 2007



      Because I have this table, I would imagine I don't need to generate a Master Calendar and can instead use this. How would I set that up? And how would I configure it to be fiscal year? I would imagine my fields are already correctly associated? I don't have a FiscalQuarter though, would I have to add that in? Same with FiscalWeek if I want to filter down to weeks? Is there any way I use the autocalendar Qlik generates based off the "DATE" field for that, even though it doesn't sort it by FiscalYear?


      Most of the posts I've found detail generating your own master calendar, not using a table already designed as such, and modifying that script to be FiscalYear, but since I have this pre-created table, I am trying to use that instead. Would it still be beneficial to not use this table and generate a calendar from a script?


      Thanks for any help!