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    Line Chart showing CY, Last Year, and 3 Year Average (Fiscal Year)

    Casey McDonald

      I have a table "WR_OTHER" which lhas a field called "COSTPO". I have created a line chart which has a dimension called "DATE.autocalendar.Month" to show out the months, with an expression to sort by fiscal year. The "DATE.autocalendar.Month" is pulled from a table called "OPS_DATES" which is basically a table I'm using for my master calendar.


      I need this chart to show only the Current Fiscal Year, the Last Fiscal Year, and an average of the previous three years, regardless of what filters are set.


      The only date field in the "WR_OTHER" table is called "DATE_USED" and lists out the date as mm/dd/yyyy.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      EDIT: It also needs to be cumulative.