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    count of unique values inside the period

    Глеб Аитов



      I have a list of transaction per day, split by customers. One customer can buy more than one time within a time period.

      I want to count unique transaction.


      When i choose a MONTH_YEAR in a filter, my formula gives me correct number of transaction:

      sum( AGGR ( count(Client) ,Date ) ) = 6.


      When I choose DATE as a filter (for example 01 and 02 of April) , it returns the wrong result.

      I tried to reverse the formula: sum( AGGR ( count(Date) ,Client ) ) , and it works fine both with MONTH_YEAR and DATE filters, but when I build a PIVOT with Client as ROW and MONTH_YEAR as column, it won't work (it works only with the simple formula count (client) )

      What's wrong?


      My data as an example: