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    Number Formatting Issue in Script

    Crystle Stamper

      I am creating a document that has a table which is replacing an excel report that a department currently gets daily.


      I need to have the table in Qlikview, formatted to the way they are used to seeing it in the daily Excel report and I am trying to accomplish this formatting in the script so I do not have to repeat it in each table it is used in, in the Qlikview document


      The problem is, I can't seem to match the format. See table below for example.


      The values need to only go out to 3 spaces after the decimal point, but ONLY if it has values for those three spaces (see how Items "ACB" and "AEB" have values after the decimal but not 3 spaces out so it shortens it to either 2 or 1 spaces)


      Then if the value is 0, it just needs to be "0", not "0.000".


      I tried using this format below but it did not give me the results I wanted.

      Num(ItemReq, '###0.###')


      Is this even possible in Qlikview?


      ItemItem Requirements