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    QlikSense Sharepoint List import- only getting 1st 30 rows

    Jon Morrison

      I have successfully linked to several internal SharePoint lists.

      My issue is that my sharepoint lists paginate after 30 rows and the remaining rows are on subsequent pages.

      Sense imports the 1st 30 rows successfully and not the rest of the list.

      How do I get the remaining rows from the list?

      I tried datasheet view inside SharePoint - no joy.

      I'd like not to have to export the list to excel and then import - as that defeats the ability for user self service refreshes.


      I've looked at a few threads on a similar vein, but don't see a solution that addresses this.


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      and even a View thread....

      Getting Data from SharePoint List to QlikView from QlikView tool


      Suggestions most appreciated.