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    QMSEDX for V12

    Brian Garland

      Does anyone have a link for the latest version? The only link I've found (which points to Doc-5111 I think) no longer works.

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          Rob Wunderlich

          Try this one

          Using EDX in QlikView 11



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              Brian Garland

              Thanks Rob. I had that information already, as it appears to still be the original version of QMSEDX. There was a newer release, called QMSEDX Enhanced, that was in a doc here in community called DOC-5111, but that seems to have been deleted.


              However, I don't think I need it now. After fixing a certificates problem on our server after upgrading from 11.2 to 12.1 this past weekend, the QMSEDX implementation originally set up several years ago is now working. Go figure. But I did get the following response from Tech Support, which I guess I don't need to do now, in case anyone else searches community on this issue.



              There have been some changes to how this functionality works in the later versions of QlikView.  This information is also found in the release notes, that are linked at the bottom of the page.


              The QMS API has changed. As a result, the URL version suffix is now 12 and will affect all programs developed using previous versions of the QMS API.  To update a program developed in Visual Studio, do the following:

              1. Right-click Service Reference, and then select QMSAPI.

              2. Select Configure Service Reference and make sure the Address is pointing to your QMS. For example, http://computername:4799/QMS/Service

              3. Right-click Service Reference, and then select QMSAPI.

              4. Select Update Service Reference.

              Recompile to update the program. If additional issues occur, make sure that nothing in the project points to version 11.