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    Best practice design pattern

    ar eiuiew

      Hey Guys,

      I am developing qlik sense by QVD approach, I stored the qvds by a qvd generator app, created the model in another app, then added section access in a separate app.

      my question is how to follow the development with best practice approaches?

      Should I develop the dashboards in a separate app too? 

      I also have another question, I imported the user list from a user table, each user has a key that defines what rows in fact table he can see.

      Should I use NTNAME or USERID for usernames?

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          Sibusiso Phumelo

          Hi AR eiuiew


          Best Practise is to have an app which does all your transformation, then you have the last app that will only have the front end and will not have any transformation. They are usually three Tiers, were tier 1 just pulls the data and stores into qvds then tier 2 will do all the transformations then tier 3 will only have frontend. On Tier 1 and Tier 2 you will drop all the tables once they are stored into QVDs so that maintenance is quick and easy.

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              ar eiuiew

              Thanks Sibusiso,

              Any comment on the section access?

              I created an app, did the binary load, created the section access. the funny thing is that I don't have access to that app once I load it, maybe because my user name is not in the list of users in the UserTable.

              What is the difference of NTNAME and USERID?

              Which one should I use?