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    Data editor & for each

    John Schmidt



      i think i have a pretty simple question.

      I would like to set an array in my data editor script with a few values.

      I would like then to export a QVD file as often as i have values in that array.

      I did the following so far:


      SET list = ValueList('1', '2');


      FOR EACH var IN list


          STORE "MY_TABLE" INTO [$(v_My_Path)/folder\$(var).qvd](qvd);


      NEXT VAR;


      This is working, but it only exports one file with the name: '1,2.qvd'.

      Can somebody tell me how to correct this?

      As well can somebody tell me if there is a good script documentation for the data editor?

      The official online qlik help doesnt cover all the aspects of that script language i think.


      Thanks a lot.