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    Qlik Sense Desktop. Problems with v.3.2

    Roman Romanov

      Good afternoon, colleagues.

      I'm a user of Qlik Sense Desktop v.3.14. A message has come that it is necessary to update the version before the expiration of the previous one (see photo below).

      On the forum, I read that there are certain problems when moving to a new release.

      Tell me, please, the answers to the following questions:

      1. Do I have to migrate to the new version and when does the previously installed v.3.14 expire?

      2. Do I need to buy a license for v.3.2?

      3. Is there any technical support for the new version 3.2?

      4. Will the application / visualization for v.3.2 previously developed and created on v.3.14 work correctly?

      5. Tell me, what is the correct procedure for installing an updated version and transferring visualizations?


      I would be grateful for any useful information on the merits of these issues.