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    How can I obtain a field by 'name' in the charting side?

    Jon Argandona

      I want to make a metric selector in QlikSense so the average of the selected metric is displayed.

      I am able to construct such a selector using the variable extension:

      GitHub - erikwett/qsVariable: Variable extension for Qlik Sense

      However, this extension requires to input all selectable values manually.


      My idea is to use the FieldUI extension  GitHub - balexbyrd/sense-FieldUI: Bootstrap Radio, Checklist, Dropdown, and Buttons for a Dimension. Use icons for dimen… to construct a radio selector. With that radio selector, I can obtain the name of the metric, but, I am unable to retrieve the field using the obtained string.

      I tried FieldValue function and FieldValueCount, but the first obtains only specific values and the later returns the number of unique values.

      How can I obtain a whole field in the charting side without relying on a variable?

      I include a simplified example of my problem.