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    Reload column if all values return Null

    Joost Potting

      Hi all,


      I'm currently running into the following issue.


      To connect to a database I have to use a custom ODBC driver. Unfortunately, there is some bug which gives unexpected results.


      Sometimes a column only returns NULL values while there is certainly data there. At the moment there is no possibility to research the driver in detail.


      I am thinking of a loop which goes over all columns of a table, and if all values are NULL, reloads that data.

      I do not have a clear idea of how to tackle this, but is probably something like this:

      • Initial load all tables
      • Loop over tables, and store those fields which only have null values (via max(len(FieldName)))
      • Reload all those fields and join them to the original tables


      Do you guys have any tips on how to proceed?