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    How to create a pareto chart from both x and y dimension

    Baiyang Xiang

      Hi Friends


      I have a simple table with simple calculation. i did not use function to do running sum and get the percentages of total. just use the default accum, relative option in building a chart.

      basically, we have contract, and customer using contract to open cases. i use the contract as dimension, sorted by descending of how many cases are opened on that contract.

      check the Full Accumulation and Relative, got the table i needed, see the detail setting below


      the table i got look like this:


      you can see 19% of contract created 75% cases. like common 20-80 scenario!

      now my question is how can i turn the number in the Case Count Accum and Contract Accum into a line chart like a pareto chart...


      Best Regards,