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    Can you call the QRS API on a rim node?

    Brantley Hobbs

      If I make QRS API calls on a rim node, I get unexpected results.


      On the central node, if I do a GET on /qrs/app/full, I get back all of my applications.  If I make the same call on a rim node, I get back zero results.


      Other calls appear to not work as expected either.  If I do an app reload on the central node, everything works as you would expect; the app in question does reload on the central node.  If I do an app reload on a rim node, the app appears to reload on the central node, instead of the rim node that the call is being made on.  This is unexpected, as well as counter-intuitive.  If the call to get a list of apps on a rim node returned some value other than what the central node has, why would a reload appear to work on the central node?


      Can someone shed any light on how QRS API calls are handled?