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    exportData on server going to /Exports folder - but does not exists

    Les Howell

      I am using the .exportData() function.  When the data is downloaded, it came from TempContent.  Now all of a sudden, it is coming from Exports folder which does not exits.

      Here is an example of the file path from console.log(replay.qUrl)


      Can someone explain how the exportData file is stored on the server and how Exports folder appeared.

      The code snipet is below.
                me.exportXLS= [










      //...... some stuff here



                  me.createExport = function() {


                      angular.forEach(me.exportXLS, function(value, key) {

                          app.obj.app.getObject('QV'+value[1],value[1]).then( function( vizModel ) { 

                              // Prevent clicking on the button too early 



                              $('#'+value[0]).on('click', function() {

                                  vizModel.exportData().then(function( reply ) {