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    Sum Values for a given Date (Year)

    Wes Browning

      I am trying to add values only for a given year and continue to fail miserably.  Hoping the community can assist...


      I have data that is listed by full date, but only want to sum totals for given years - in this case one for 2016 and another for 2017. Wanting pie charts to display at same time for each given year.  What can I do to achieve this?  The following is what I've tried and adjusted but no luck.


      =Sum( If([DateReqApproved.autoCalendar.Year] = 2016, ExtendedPrice) )


      Basically needing to 'Sum' ExtendedPrice values for all instances where [DateReqApproved.autoCalendar.Year] = 2017

      Thanks for your help!