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    Is this QlikView setup possible?

    Pritam Deb



      I have a client who is looking to setup silos for each Business Unit. The requirement is that each business unit should have their own QVS, QMS and QDS (across 2 physical machines) but should share the same Web Tier (IIS, QVSS and DSC) so that the business users do not have to worry about multiple URLs.


      Is this setup even possible where there is a common Access Point but separate QMC/QVSs? Can 2 QMC's control the same services?

      Personally, I don't think that this is possible but I just wanted to get some opinions before I can go back to the client.


      Also, if I may add, there is a requirement that the Web Tier and the QVS tier should be clustered across Production and DR.




      Qlik Architecture.JPG